About Us

What we build

* Our houses are simple, decent, and affordable to low-income families around the world. See what Habitat houses are like around the world.
* Whenever possible, we build sustainable, energy-efficient and healthy housing. Learn more about our construction technologies.

Why we build

* Nearly 2 billion people around the world live in slum housing and over 100 million are homeless. Habitat for Humanity is needed to help eliminate poverty by providing simple, decent shelter to those in need.
* Families left homeless by natural disasters, war and civil unrest often face dire housing situations as they struggle to rebuild their lives. Habitat for Humanity’s Disaster Response program provides shelter and housing solutions to help these families recover.

How it’s possible

* Homeowners and volunteers build under trained supervision.
* Individuals, corporations, faith groups and others provide vital financial support. Learn more about Habitat's stewardship of these resources in our Annual Report and Financial Statement.
* In the U.S., Habitat for Humanity lends no-profit, no-interest mortgage loans to its beneficiary families.
* On a global scale, Habitat’s traditional model is not always possible. Our international housing finance programs consist of innovative housing finance practices and/or partnerships with microfinance organizations.

Contact Information: Office 209.827.0473 :: Ashlee Williams 209.509.9026

 Learn more

* Habitat Learns provides free in-depth knowledge on housing issues.
* Visit the Global Village and Discovery Center in Americus, Georgia. Learn about the devastating effects of poverty everywhere. See life-size Habitat houses from countries around the world.
* Learn more about who we are and what we do around the world every day. Visit our newsroom for press releases, articles, photos and videos about Habitat for Humanity.